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NODC Dress Code

summer23 dress.png
  • Do I have to register my feet when I become an advanced dancer?
    No, that is an urban myth. Dancers are not required to register their feet.
  • I am a beginner, do you have a class for me?
    Yes, we have a class for aspiring dancers and advanced dancers of all ages.
  • Am I too old or is my child too young to dance?
    No, you are not too old (or young) to begin dance training. Walkers-Age 3 can register for Parent/tot classes Ages 2.5 and above can register for indpendent classes
  • I have a very busy schedule, how much time do I need to devote to dance classes?
    Recreational dance classes meet 1x per week Performance groups meet 2x per week Competitive groups meet 2-5x per week
  • What do I wear to dance class?
    Dress Code Policy is listed above and is specific to each class. Summer classes have similar dress code which you can find in the description of each class on the registration page.
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