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"We're at NODC and love it!!! The students do really get more than just dance because they help them grow in so many different ways. They just opened a new studio across from Rochester High that is gorgeous including some unique safety features that as a parent makes me love them more. They are the only YPAD certified studio in the area and their competition team is amazing! My daughter is on their performance team which is great too. Come join the family!". 

-Carmen B. 

"We have tried a few difference dance studios in Rochester over the past nine years and absolutely love NODC. My daughter has improved so much in dance thanks to her fabulous teachers. The staff are all so kind and welcoming too". 

-Stacie S.

"NODC has a brand-new building, the team is smaller but a very tight knit group that is supportive of one another. You are not just a number here. Definitely worth visiting and if you have any history within Rochester dance community, Beckie Young and Heather Lawrence are amazing and have been the catalyst of talent within this community in lyrical, jazz, and ballet". 

-Mary C. 

"This is our second year at NODC, and my daughter LOVES it!! My daughter was on the performance team last year, but this year is on a hybrid of the performance team and competition team which is the best of both worlds. Although NODC offers an awesome competition team. In just one year, my daughter has met so many friends that I know she will have forever. It's such a strong and uplifting community!".

-Lauren K.

"Both my daughters dance at North Oakland Dance Company and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. The teachers are absolutely incredible, and they have a brand-new space that is amazing. We have taken several different types of classes at NODC and have loved them all. Very positive environment for the kids and they are YPAD certified, which is very impressive from a parenting standpoint. Lots of positive vibes here. Both my daughters are extremely happy". 

-Michelle E. 

"We have been dancing with Ms. Becky since my daughter was very young and we couldn't be happier. When she opened NODC we knew that's where we needed to be. All of the staff is amazing and the positive influence NODC has on the lives of young dancers is truly incredible. NODC is the absolute best!".

-Jaclyn M. 

"Our daughter dances for NODC and she loves it!!! The teachers are amazing and the team is wonderful". 

-Katherine D. 

"I did a ton of research before moving competition teams for my daughter. We did all sorts of summer classes and we landed at NODC. I couldn't be happier. The environment is so positive and supportive. The level of technique is outstanding. They are YPAD certified, which is so awesome. The teachers actually have dance degrees. They teach kids how to choreograph and act. I can't say enough good things".

-Jenilee F. 

"My daughters 12 and 14 have been dancing with Beckie Young (North Oakland Dance Company owner) since they were 3 years old, and we can't say enough good things about her and her studio. She is teaching them dance and more than that. They looked at her as a role model. The teachers are amazing, the team is so friendly, all the girls look out for each other, and the new building is so pretty". 

-Maria M. 

"Becky and all of the teachers at NODC are amazing. They are so kind and positive. My daughter loved it". 

-Gigi B. 

"We love NODC! The new studio is amazing with experienced teachers. We have been doing the performance/competition teams and it feels like one big family. Very much integrated with the community also". 

-Courtney A. 

We love North Oakland Dance Company! Such a great environment. Their new studio is so nice too. The staff and all the dancers are so friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend!". 

-Lisa B. 

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